Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December 2013 and Christmas

Rori is in the brown dress getting ready to perform her Christmas program at school!

Rori and Bryce as wisemen at Grandma and Grandpa Schoenie's house for the nativity on Christmas Eve

Rylie as a shepherd with her little sheep!

All the grandkids performing the nativity.

Kiddos asleep on Christmas eve finally!

November/December 2013

November/December 2013

Rylie-Thanksgiving 2013

Bryce and I came to cookie decorating

Rylie playing basketball 2013

Grandpa Jay and Great Grandpa Ruben at Thanksgiving 2013

Great Grandma Helen at Thanksgiving 2013
Cookie decorating at Kindergarten


Monday, August 11, 2014

Sleepy Head

Halloween 2013

Cold morning!  Thankfully it melted!

October 2013 1st Red Ribbon Parade